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      On the hunt for our next trailblazer to join the Inov8 team!

      On the hunt for our next trailblazer to join the Inov8 team!


      We are on the hunt for a hardcore, rugged trail running athlete who embodies the spirit of adventure and resilience. We’re looking for someone who thrives on pushing their limits, conquering the toughest terrains, and inspiring others with their unstoppable drive. If you have the grit, the passion, and the determination to tackle any trail, from rocky mountains to dense forests, WE WANT YOU!

      At Inov8, we are more than just a brand - we are a community of trailblazers who push boundaries and inspire others to achieve their best. 

      What we’re looking for:

      1. Passion and Dedication: We seek athletes who live and breathe their sport, demonstrating unwavering commitment and relentless pursuit of excellence.
      2. Community Leaders: Are you a role model in your community? Do you inspire others to get active and live a healthy lifestyle? We’re looking for athletes who make a positive impact both on and off the trails. 
      3. Connecting with their audience: Your journey as an athlete should be a source of inspiration for others. We want to know your story - the challenges you’ve faced, the goals you’ve achieved, and the dreams you are chasing. 

      How to Apply:

      Applying is simple! We have created a Google Form for you to fill out with all the necessary details. Follow the link below and answer all questions with the relevant and necessary information and details. We are looking forward to your application and getting to know you better. 

      Click here to apply!


       What we offer:

      As a member of the Inov8 team, you will receive:

      1. Brand Ambassadorship: Represent Inov8 at events/races and in your community, showcasing our cutting-edge products.
      2. Exclusive Gear: We will provide you with the gear to help you perform at your best.
      3. Content Creation Opportunities: Collaborate with our team to create inspiring content that highlights your journey and the Inov8 brand.

      This is more than just a sponsorship - it’s a partnership. We are looking for someone who is as passionate about their sport as we are about excellence. This is your chance to join a dynamic team, apply now.


      Stay warm. Stay motivated.

      The Inov8 Team

      How to Find Total Elevation Gain on Your GPS Watch or Fitness App

      How to Find Total Elevation Gain on Your GPS Watch or Fitness App

      We want to see what you get up to and celebrate your climbing with you! Here's a guide on how to find your total elevation gain stats on popular GPS watches and fitness apps like Strava, Garmin Connect, Suunto, and Apple Watch.


      • Open the Strava app.
      • Tap on your profile picture (bottom right corner).
      • Scroll down till you get to “MAY 2024”
      • The elevation gain will be displayed on the summary screen under the desired month.

      Garmin Connect

      • Open the Garmin Connect app.
      • Tap on "Activities" to view your recorded activities.
      • Select the  activity you're interested in.
      • The elevation gain will be displayed prominently on the activity's details page.


      • Launch the Suunto app on your smartphone.
      • Navigate to "Diary" to see your recorded activities.
      • Open the activity you want to check.
      • Elevation gain will be displayed in the activity's details.

      Apple Watch (using the Apple Workout app)

      1. On iPhone:
      • Open the "Health" app on your iPhone.
      • Tap on "Browse" and then select "Activity."
      • Choose a specific workout.
      • The elevation gain will be listed under "Elevation Ascended."
      1. On Apple Watch:
      • After completing a workout, open the Activity app on your iPhone.
      • Select the specific workout.
      • Elevation gain will be detailed under the workout's metrics.

      Tracking your elevation gain accurately with these tools will ensure you're ready to participate and excel in the Inov8 elevation gain challenge. Remember to share your achievements through out your journey and stand a chance to win spot prizes. At the end of May post your total elevation gain for May on Instagram and tag @Inov8 to stand a chance to win the TrailFly G 270 V2. Happy climbing!

      Recap with UTD160 2024 Champion, Nicolette Griffioen

      Recap with UTD160 2024 Champion, Nicolette Griffioen

      - Photo Credit: Zac Zinn 

      Ultra Trail Drakensberg 100 Miler Recap by Nicolette Griffioen

      "A few months out from UTD 2024 I was still undecided between the 100km and the 100 miler. I felt that the new 100km route would be a fun challenge - all singletrack along the Giant's Cup Trail followed by an ascent of Sani Pass on tired legs. But ultimately, the lure of earning a bell through completing the 100 miler won me over.

      The first 27km in Lesotho were spectacular but a tough start to the race. With almost 1300m of ascent, run at an average altitude of 3050m, the potential to push too hard on fresh legs was high. Fortunately some thick mist required GPS navigation early on, and while my Suunto 9 Peak Pro was spot on, the constant route referencing slowed me down slightly. But apparently, not enough... By the time I was on the Twelve Apostles descent - a section where it's usually hard not to let go and have gravity do all the work while you just enjoy the ridgeline views - I was feeling pretty nauseous and miserable. Realising it was way too early in the race for this, I had to try to resolve the issue. After about an hour of nil per os, I resumed consumption of very small amounts of real, whole food and plain water. It seemed to help.

      From 40 to 80km I gradually regained strength and pace, relieved to be back on track. That night competitors faced cold and wet conditions, regardless of where they were on the course. Having checked the forecast pre-race, I'd opted to pack two inov8 waterproof jackets into my pack, and I was very glad for it. Soaked through and starting to lose core temperature after several hours of continuous rain, I forced myself to stop and don a thermal top and dry waterproof. A few more hours of bliss... I hit another low, mentally and physically, around 2:30am as I climbed away from Swiman in driving wind and rain on an exposed slope. I tried to think clearly in my fatigued state, and eventually found a protected spot to change into thermal and waterproof pants.

      As usual, the early morning hours dragged, but a few caffeine capsules and a headlight battery change eventually saw me emerging on the other side of storm and night. With dawn came a weak and watery sunshine, but it was enough to raise 100 miler spirits. Somewhere between Castleburn and Mzimude I removed my headlight and swapped it for a breakfast hot cross bun from my pocket. It was time to get this run done!

      In reality, the last few hours were somewhat of a painful shuffle-hike, but made manageable by the very friendly Cobham aid station staff, another run-through of my playlist, and arguably the best scenery in the country for company. At just under 26 hours I rounded the final field and climbed towards the finish line. I would take top step at the UTD 100 miler this year, but, more importantly, I would receive and ring my first bell with a very special group of ultra runners."

      Trailtalon 290 Shoe Review

      Trailtalon 290 Shoe Review

      By Chloe Bishop
      'The Trailtalon 290s are by far my favourite go-to trail running shoe of all time!'
      Photo credit: Caro Jordaan   
      Over the last year, I’ve been training, racing and hiking in these shoes. They’ve been my sidekicks on all my races and all-day mountain adventures, keeping my feet happy and comfy.

      There are many things one needs to consider when running and racing long distances, and what’s more important than the shoes you’re running in? The Trailtalon 290s are specially designed for long runs on all terrain.

      These shoes feature ADAPTERFIT technology, which means the fit of the shoe adapts as the foot swells, which frequently happens on longer distance runs.

      The two-piece POWERFLOW midsole provides increased shock absorption and energy return. It is soft enough for ultra long days and they are comfortable enough that there is no need to break them in. You can take a brand-new pair straight out the box and hit the trails! It is ideal for running as well as hiking, and one can spend a whole weekend in them without any signs of blisters or sore feet. I’ve personally travelled more than 400 kilometres through the Cederberg with mine, and not one scratch!

      With an 8mm heel-drop, they offer the perfect balance between support and responsiveness. I’ve used them from ultra races down to fast half marathons and they really are a great all round trail running shoe.

      The outsole contains multi-directional 4mm lugs, each with a wide contact area, which makes for aggressive grip, excellent stability and the quick release of any debris.
      The outsole consists of three different rubber compounds. The hardest, most durable one is found at the heel, a medium rubber in the centre for increased traction and a softer rubber on the edges for grip and security with every step.

      The Trailtalon 290 is by far my favourite, versatile shoe yet - gravel, technical downhills, rocky climbs, and water crossings. This shoe grips all of it. The traction is fantastic, and the cushioning is ample, but still allows for ground feel and solid footing on rock. A huge asset on any wild adventure imaginable!



      To stronger align our ultra running footwear range we have decided to change the name of the TERRAULTRA G 270. As of March 1st, 2022, it will be called the TRAILFLY G 270.

      The multi award-winning shoe remains the same throughout its entire design, except for the name.

      To celebrate, we’re launching the TRAILFLY G 270 in three brand new colourways – blue/nectar, pine/mint and red/burgundy/orange.

      Changing the name allows us to create one, easy-to-understand TRAILFLY franchise. It will contain our two ultra running shoes that are designed specifically for hard-packed trails – the TRAILFLY G 270 and TRAILFLY ULTRA G 300 MAX.

      And while they will now share the TRAILFLY name, the 270 and 300 will continue to offer trail runners two very different long-distance options.

      TRAILFLY G 270 – For speed-focused long runs, with an optimally cushioned foam and snappy, responsive ride.

      TRAILFLY ULTRA G 300 MAX – For endurance-focused long runs, with a deep cushioned foam and propulsive ride.

      Both shoes feature our pioneering G-GRIP rubber outsoles for the world’s toughest traction. The 300 also boasts our latest innovations – G-FLY foam for longer-lasting energy return and a clever ADAPTER-FLEX groove that enhances underfoot agility.

      The rubber and foam are both enhanced with Graphene, the world’s strongest material, and one which following its discovery led scientists at The University of Manchester to win the Nobel Prize in Physics. We worked with the same university to develop both these world-first technologies.

      The TERRAULTRA G 270 was launched in July 2020. Weeks later they were on the feet of ultra runner Damian Hall to set a then record time for the 268-mile Pennine Way trail along the backbone of England. The shoe went on to win four ‘Trail Running Shoe of the Year’ awards in 2020 – two from the UK (Runner’s World & Women’s Running) and two from the US (Believe In The Run and Road Trail Run).

      The TRAILFLY ULTRA G 300 MAX was launched in March last year. It too has won many awards, for 2021, including ‘Trail Running Shoe of the Year’ from Runner’s World UK and ‘Innovation of the Year’ from Trail Running.

      Other differences between the two shoes include a bigger drop (heel to toe differential) and greater stack height in the 300 to give more underfoot comfort. The 270 is lighter at 270g (vs 300g), while both have our widest toe box offering, 4mm deep outsole lugs and a spring-loaded BOOMERANG footbed. The 270’s cushioned foam is our bouncy POWERFLOW MAX.

      Remaining shoes bearing the name TERRAULTRA G 270 will continue to be on sale for a short time while stocks last.