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      News — g-grip

      inov-8 tech talk - what do all the technologies mean?

      inov-8 grip

      We put together a short description of the main tech in order to make navigating our products easier to understand. Enjoy the tech geek session!

      In alphabetical order:

      ADAPTERFIT: Built around the natural anatomic structure of the foot, the next generation met-cradle adapts to the natural movement and swelling of the foot on longer runs.

      Arrow System: inov-8 launched the Arrow System to make navigating the range easy. As a rule 1 Arrow shoes have a 4mm heel to toe drop. 2 Arrow shoes have a 8mm drop. Can you name some exceptions? ;)

      Cleat Depth: inov-8 was born in the fells of the Lake District in England. Running in the Soft and Muddy conditions that the fells are famous for require cleats to grip to the muddy terrain. We pride ourselves on grip so we realise that each application requires a different cleat depth for optimal performance.

      DFB (Dynamic Facia Band): Delivers a kick of energy with every step.



      Gaiter Attachment Point: Many models in the range feature an easy way of connecting our All Terrain Gaiter to the shoes.



      G-Grip: (Graphene Grip) in 2018 we launched the first ever shoes using Graphene delivering the world's toughest grip. G-Series shoes are 50% stronger, 50% more elastic and 50% harder wearing than standard outer soles. 2021 sees the launch of G-Fly (Graphene infused midsole foam) for longer lasting and more comfortable cushioning.


      META-FLEX: A groove in the forefoot provides the forefoot flexibility needed to spring forward with speed and power. 

      META-PLATE: TPU rock plate gives underfoot protection and delivers a kick of energy with each step. Depending on what terrain the shoes are designed for it determines what type of META-PLATE is used.

       Outsole Rubber: Grip is not something runners think about until a foot slips and we bite the dirt. We at inov-8 pride ourselves in making the most grippy shoes for the application. see G-Grip.

      Sustainability: We live by our philosophy of an athletes’ interaction with the environment is the single most important factor when designing products. Longer lasting materials and products mean less environmental impact. By using recycled materials we reduce our impact. By supporting sustainable lifestyles we can all do our part. To read more follow this link

      Weight: We use the average weight of a size range of that model in the name. Obviously weight will vary with different sized shoes.

      Width Scale: Every foot is shaped differently. Also different applications require different width shoes. inov-8 uses a Width Scale of 1 (narrow) to 5 (wide) to differentiate.